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This project is aimed at young people from vulnerable groups at risk of social exclusion. This project aims to protect their rights, especially the right to education and beauty.



Furthermore the project aims to: offer all young people the opportunity of getting close to art; an effective tool against EARLY SCHOOL LEAVING, regardless of social condition; an opportunity for all people, regardless of their age. In the future the Home of ArtEducation aims to be a home for the whole city of Milan.







The Home also aims to recognise that educators, artists and teachers have a fundamental right to professional training. We believe that only qualified professionals can guarantee quality education to those who have nothing or very little. The Home also aims to establish itself as an internationally recognised centre for ArtEducation training.




Art is a powerful pedagogical choice when working with young people, especially if they are disadvantaged. Art is education in its own right and not just a means through which to educate: in adopting the pedagogy of Projeto Axé we use “ArtEducation” as a single word. Indeed the development and monitoring of the HOME’s educational methodology and the training of the operators who will work there will be carried out by Projeto Axé.




The Home of ArtEducation in Milan is the place where Art is education’s vital core and not just a means of “entertaining” youngsters.



The HOME of ArtEducation aims to be the place where the third sector, institutions, citizens and social services share spaces and goals; where training and art interweave with the journeys of children and young people who are at risk so that art may spark a virtuous cycle that can have an impact on their day to day lives.



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